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We are a global digital consulting company. In the past decade, we have grown significantly with 5 offices. We leverage the power of platform partnerships, experience design and cutting-edge software engineering to drive digital transformation and product engineering initiatives.


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1st cross Karnashree layout, Opposite Satsung Vihar temple, Patanjali building, 2nd floor, Door No. 7, Medahalli, Bangalore 560049


Address - 16th Avenu, Gaur City 2, Noida Extention, Gautam Buddha Nagar. UP 201009


SMS Marketing

Businesses can send specific text messages to their clients using SMS marketing, a very successful marketing tactic. It entails communicating with a group of subscribers who have chosen to receive communications from the company. Leading SMS marketing business Digital SRJ offers specialised SMS marketing solutions that are catered to the unique requirements of its customers.

At Digital SRJ, the SMS marketing process begins with a thorough consultation with the customer to understand their business objectives and target market. The team develops a tailored SMS marketing strategy using this data, which includes SMS list building, SMS content generation, and SMS campaign.

Creating a targeted SMS list of subscribers who have chosen to receive communications from the company is known as SMS list building. The team at Digital SRJ uses cutting-edge list-building strategies to entice subscribers who are interested in the company's goods or services, including lead magnets and landing pages.

In order to meet the client's marketing objectives, SMS content production entails developing engaging and practical SMS content that is optimised for the target demographic. To generate SMS content that is memorable and successful in fulfilling the client's marketing objectives, the team at Digital SRJ use unique copywriting and messaging approaches.